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"I never dreamed of success. I worked for it."

Shyam Aryal

Namaste, I am Shyam Aryal from Waling, Syangja and is known among many as a program producer and presenter in Image FM 97.9. Besides program producing, I am also an entrepreneur and run my own production house “Mizzle Pictures Production” which deals with the production and promotion of Nepali movie and is continuously working to full extent with an aim to uplift the standard of Nepali movies. Me, as a senior mediaperson is proud to be known for my works and to inspire upcoming generation to this field.
I believe in delivering valuable information while providing entertainment. Currently I am running my regular shows in Image FM; ‘Mechi Dekhi Mahakali Samma’ and ‘Sahayatri’. Apart from that, I am currently working in the production of Nepali feature movie “Marina” under my own production house ‘Mizzle Pictures Production’. Please have a look at my portfolio, and feel free to contact me in case of any queries. Have a nice time!


My Professional Skills

I have been known as a media person since 16 years. In these years, I have developed various skills as well as experiences. However before entering the field of journalism, I worked as an Accountant and a Teacher in my home town. I work as an editor in an online news portal, Nagarik Sandesh which covers news from around all the districts of Nepal. Apart from journalism, I am also interested in Nepalese Film insudtry. As mentioned earlier, I started a production house named 'Mizzle Pictures Production' which is actively working in the industry and receiving positive responses from its clients. I was also honored by the Guinness Book certificate for supporting the youngest director of the world as a mediaperson.

Radio Annapurna

I started my journalism career from this radio where I presented various entertainment shows

Image FM 97.9

I have been working in Image FM 97.9 as a program producer/presenter for about a decade. In this span, I have presented programs relating to media and Nepali movie industry.

Mizzle Pictures Production

I started a Production house 'Mizzle Pictures Production' in 2011. I, as a chairman of this production house is actively working for the upliftment of Nepalese Movie Industry. More information here.

Nagarik Sandesh

Apart from film-journalism, I am also a chief-editor of an online news portal '' which is a dynamic news portal and provides an all-round information regarding various aspects ie. political, social, and so on.

Film Journalists Association

In 2015 A.D., I was elected as the Vice-President of Film Journalists Association Nepal(FJAN). Being in this honored post, I thank all my fellows, who knew my potential and voted me and assure that I will always try to put my full effort in the development of Film Journalists in scientific ways.

Terai Television

I also collected some experiences in Tv shows from 2009 after producing and presenting various programmes(Movie related) in Terai Television which unfortunately was shut down after massive earthquake, Nepal, 2015.

Programs Presented in TV and FM
Awards and Honors Received
Mizzle Pictures Youtube Subscribers
current projects

  • Featured in StreetNepal as a journalist, actor

    Shyam_Aryal-Street Nepal

  • Judging reality show

    Reality Show Judging with actor Sushil Shrestha

  • Receiving award from Minister of Information & Technology

    Award From Minister of IT

  • Receiving award

    Receving an Award

  • Providing relief to earthquake victims

    Relief to Earthquake victims

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